Monday, 27 July 2015

Welcome to the World of Tag Rugby

Part 1: Far from trash-talk and a load of rubbish, the hot conversation topic at the office for the last two months has been Volkswagen Tag Rugby at Galway Corinthians

I’ve kindly declined offers to don togs and tags (for as much their sake as my own), but Friday morning banter was such that I felt I had to wander down and see what all the fuss was about. On arrival at Corinthians on Galway’s N17 Tuam Road, the sheer volume of people had me wondering whether or not this was a World Cup final rather than recreational midweek rugby. After all, like our own crew most of these people had already clocked a hard day’s work. Why on earth would anyone want to top that off with 40 minutes swearing and sweating with the same people? There were 80 teams in total, each with a clutch of supporters and family members cheering them on. There were food stalls with burgers, ribs and chicken; licensed bar facilities; and trained medical professionals on-hand for any injuries. The buzz about the place would have rivalled the Galway Races.

Matches were well on their way when I landed and The City Bin Co. were resplendent in red, decked out in matching kit, and sporting signature 'The Flying Bin' logo front and back. I sought Google’s assistance for some Tag Rugby understanding beforehand, and discovered: Tag Rugby [was] a non-contact team game in which each player wears a belt with two Velcro tags, or shorts with Velcro patches. Basic rugby rules apply but instead of tackling, a tag must be removed in order to halt the opposition advance.  

After two 20-minute halves our guys were buzzing and while slightly redder in face than at kickoff time, smiles hadn’t faded in the least.

The evening activity removed the team from the day-to-day setting and, while comprising the same team-mates, yielded a different team dynamic altogether. Tag encouraged team-building, good fitness, and fun. Winning didn’t matter, participation did… although victory always sweetens the encounter.

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