Monday, 6 October 2014


When The City Bin Co. teamed up with the BakeFest crew to collect the bins for a the popular charity fundraising event in the west of Ireland they decided to do something different. They created a competition category called ‘Bake it, don’t bin it! The task for the professional bakers was to bake cakes using the companies’ bins and logo as inspiration. This was one of many categories along with wedding cakes, novelty cakes, children’s cakes and many other groups.

The overall winning designer cake created by Julia Babikova. The piece is based on the 2007 movie Ratatouille.

Julia Babikova was crowned the overall winner of the Bake Fest with her designer cake based on the 2007 movie Ratatouille. It was a Pixar Studios meets The City Bin Co. moment. A double win for  Russian baker Julia who was the overall winner of the Bakefest and the winner of ‘Bake it, don’t bin it!’ category. Her piece which was inspired by the ratatouille cartoon character cooking delicious food from ingredients found in The City Bin Co.’s food bin.

Corinna McGarrigle's cake from ‘Lovin’ in the Oven'   
The finished pieces in each category on the day were creative and breathtaking to say the least. The talent, time and thought put into each cake by the professional bakers were inspirational.

The icing on the cake for The City Bin Co. was that these food architects were baking the company brand and it went viral on all the social media channels with people tweeting and posting with beautiful images of cakes and bins! One Tweet by Donal Leonard said of Corinna McGarrigle’s piece from ‘Lovin’ in the Oven’: “@citybin totally edible street scene WOW!! #Bakefest"

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