Tuesday, 19 August 2014

What Price-tag Has 'Customer Experience' And What Return?

Customer service is as crucial a business focus as it has ever been. There are numerous resources such as books, articles, blogs and websites which we can turn to for advice and inspiration. 

There are few resources more exciting and helpful than a world class conference to make sure that one is up to speed with the latest in customer service thinking and its top technological developments. 

NPS creators Satmetrix' annual Customer Experience Conference is the place to be this September for Net Promoter Professionals. 

Last year, Gene Browne CEO of The City Bin Co. spoke about designing your service from a customer’s point of view at one of the conference's most popular sessions. 

This year, our in-house Net Promoter Certified Associate Cosmin Gliga will cover the introduction and management of the NPS programme at The City Bin Co. and its contribution to the company’s success. NPS and its real-time analytics are among the company’s foremost key “service” indicators and steer many business and policy decisions. 
NPS Scores of Customer Experience Leaders
NPS scores of customer experience leaders viewed through NPS spectacles, puts us among customer experience leaders Amazon and Apple. 

These results are the outcome of our hard work and a business built around these 4 pillars of excellent customer service: 
  1. Systems 
  2. Culture 
  3. People 
  4. Expectations
To learn more about NPS read this blog post and make sure to pop in again after the conference, when we will share our own experience at this great event.

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