Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Facebook Gives The City Bin Co. a Thumbs Up!

Facebook selected Galway headquartered business The City Bin Co. as a social media leader in effective online communications. The global social media giant praised The City Bin Co. brand for its use of social media to increase awareness and communicate with its customers.

The City Bin Co. opened its Facebook business page Spring 2011 with a view to building a more personal and immediate relationship with web-savvy customers. The City Bin Co.’s online communications manager Oisin Browne said real-time interface was crucial given the day-to-day and hour-to-hour nature of the business. He understood the exponential surge in likes and the daily interface between company and client raised eyebrows at Facebook and won the company case study exposure on successful practices.

“A business without Facebook is like a business without a telephone. Facebook is a fundamental online customer service tool, which builds and nourishes real-time relationships. The City Bin Co. is all about customer service, and Facebook helps us to communicate that message,” he said.

Mr Browne conceded there was so much noise on each social media outlet, it was often difficult to stand out as a business.
“It’s hard to be heard, it’s hard to sell. Businesses know the value of social media given customers are there on a daily basis, but problems arise when businesses don't know what to say or how to participate? Often they have one leg in and one out, instead of just grabbing the bull by the horns and diving straight in. We do just that. We’re present, and we engage.”

The company has built a following of brand advocates who help strengthen online presence through Facebook. Customers constantly interact with wall-posts, likes and comments, thus encouraging two-way communication.

To see The City Bin Co. in action on Facebook, log on to or check out the Facebook for Business Success Story at

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