Thursday, 7 February 2013

The Number 1 Ranked Irish Company For Customer Satisfaction

The City Bin Co, has this month been ranked by a global satisfaction benchmark as one of the top companies in the world in terms of customer satisfaction.

On a scale that ranges from minus 100 to plus 100, The City Bin Co received a score of 70 , way ahead of the global average of 10. The hugely impressive score of 70 also placed the award-winning waste collection alongside global giants such as Apple (71), Virgin (66), Google (56) and places The City Bin Co provider as the number one-ranked Irish company in the system.

The Net Promoter Score, developed by Bain Consultants and managed by Satmetrix (USA), has been employed by some of the world’s leading companies such as Amazon, Hertz and Nike, is a straightforward metric that helps companies and every employee understand and be accountable for how they engage with customers.

The average firm usually can expect a Net Promoter score (NPS) of only five to 10. The NPS has gained popularity due to its linkage to profitable growth. Employees at all levels of the organisation understand it, opening the door to customer-centric change and improved business performance.
Gene Browne, co-founder and CEO of The City Bin Co, is proud of the effort his Galway-based team has made to generate such an impressive score. “This data from the globally recognised standard just goes to underline the service ethos we have at The City Bin Co. We are a 100 per cent customer-centric company, we are in the business of delivering a first-rate service to the people of Galway and beyond and everything we do is based on that. We are proud that the work we are doing is being recognised by our customers at local level and as evidenced in this global customer satisfaction benchmark,” said Mr Browne.

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