Monday, 24 September 2012


Did you ever asked yourself why certain people are so effective at satisfying their customers? It's because they possess the service mentality. We believe that building a customer service culture requires commitment, clarity and consistency. The cornerstones for attaining a service mentality in the workplace are: Communication, Clarity, Respect  and Follow-up.

An excellent customer service experience starts with good communication. A customer service representative should communicate every step of the process with the current or potential customer.   The customer is actively participating in the delivery of your service and will be more willing to give you feedback.  The communication with the customer must be done in a way that provides clear and concise information.

Know your Offering
Excellent customer service is delivered by understanding every detail about the products and industry. If a customer wants to know about policy, services or has any concerns, the company should have the information available. Preparing for possible questions from the client is very important and will help provide positive service to the customer.

Customers should always receive the utmost respect. Customers should always feel as though they are the most important people. A good customer service experience comes with a smile, even if the service gets conducted over the phone. This can be seen between colleagues too.

Follow Up
Give the customer opportunities to share the experience of using the product or service. If the product or service is problematic, the company should find a way to make things right by addressing the issue. Following up with the customers will straighten the relationship with the customer and anticipate continued business with the company.

If you want to learn about how we developed our customer service skills, check this blog again and if you have any questions please let me know.

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