Friday, 22 June 2012


There is a lot of preparation and segregation of waste within homes and businesses. Over the past decade the mindset of the global population has been positively reconditioned to separate waste at source. Most people understand the process that takes place before their bins are collected, but what happens to the waste after it’s collected from your home or business?

When The City Bin Co. collect your bins, the material is brought to our EPA licensed transfer station. Here we simply empty your material from a regular bin lorry and reload it into a larger articulated lorry.  

  • Your general waste is delivered to an engineered landfill, which also is licenced by the EPA. 
  • Your mixed recycling is sent to an accredited sorting facility. The sorting facility sorts and then compacts and bales each material stream, and sends onward to a specialised recycling facility.  It is then prepared and finally converted into new recycled products.
  • Your organic waste is brought to a certified composting facility where, over a 10-12 week period, the organic material breaks down into compost.

Interesting Fact:  In 1999 The City Bin Co. set new standards in the Irish waste Industry by setting up the first commercial glass collection and recycling service in Ireland. The City Bin Co. also brought food waste collection to the forefront of the Irish commercial sector by introducing an organic waste collection in 2003.

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