Monday, 16 April 2012


"His overalls are so spanky clean, he might be wearing a tux….007 wheels the bin over to the truck". Yes, there is something about a man in uniform. Reliability, Strength, Safety,  Respect.  That is certainly the case when it comes to The City Bin Co’s uniform. The red uniform is very visible and easily identifiable to the general public.

Gene Browne, CEO of The City Bin Co. first introduced the idea after observing UPS drivers and their iconic brown uniform. When The City Bin Co. launched their uniform in 1998 a local paper, The Sentinel, wrote about 'the new look of the smart and well presented staff of The City Bin Co.' This wasn't the norm in waste collection and The City Bin Co. staff were the exception to the rule. The readily identifiable uniform recast the perception of the tired, traditional bin man. The City Bin Co. uniform stood out from competitors and told the public that this person works for The City Bin Co. and is here to serve. The uniform consisted of red trousers, polo-shirt, jacket and a red peaked cap, with each piece sporting hi visibility strips.

The uniform had such an impact that Stay at home Mums started to blog about them saying that they felt that James bond had just collected their bins. RTE Radio One's Business Show subsequently picked up on the blog and had Gene Browne on in a 'tongue in cheek' piece to discuss the Moms' reaction. Read the text of the blog. 

Post subject: Re: The City Bin Co. Bin Collection- Anyone use these? Update

4LittleMen wrote:

With The City Bin Co. A lovely bright Red truck pulls up (it was so damn clean it made my MPV look like the bin truck). He gets out of the cab and walks up to get the bin. Get this. His overalls are so spanky clean, he might as well be wearing a tux (seriously the man is spotless). Anyway 007 then wheels the bin over to the truck (gently coaxing it along in case it's nervous), loads it on and bobs your uncle our rubbish is off to pastures new (literally). Marvellous service you say. Yas I say it was most marvellous but it didn't stop there. Did I mention that DH and I were both standing in the living room watching this all unfold? Did I mention that our window is full length? The eejits that we are we were like a couple of 5 year olds staring at this guy with our mouths open, when he turns on his heel and takes our bin by the hand and walks the bl**dy thing back up the drive! he even waved at us....well DH said he waved (and I bet DH waved back)  . I wouldn't know as I had hit the deck and tried to make my body look as tiny as possible beside the coach and bookshelves. I imagined that my grey T shirt would automatically "blend" with the brown leather and he wouldn't see me looking at him (sometimes I think I have chameleon qualities ).

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