Monday, 2 April 2012


In 1997, when The City Bin Co. opened for business it had one truck, two customers, four bins and a really eye catching logo. At that time, it was hard to imagine why a waste collection provider needed branding. This type of business just collected garbage. Waste collectors didn't have to advertise, they didn’t have retail stores and their trucks were big, ugly and smelly. Nobody needed to know who these firms were as they were passing by. People just wanted them to collect their waste and move on. Gene Browne, CEO of The City Bin Co. had a different idea. He had a well thought out plan to change the public perception and also the way that companies within the sector were doing their job. He set out to shake up the image of the waste and recycling  industry and achieved this in a very short time. How? Through innovation, creative branding and an understanding that the public could and should receive a higher level of service with their rubbish collection. The best way to lead is by example. 

The Logo was one of the first important steps in Gene Browne’s plan to reinvent the industries way of engaging with the customer. The City Bin Co.’s logo is instantly identifiable; a red bin with white wings and a black outline. The logo is an animated image of a flying bin with the name of the company in a red font to the left. It is simple and easy to spot. The logo, through its simplicity, has a subtle meaning of a company that is always moving forward.  When The City Bin Co. started in 1997 when  it was unheard of to have a waste collector who was image conscious. Gene Browne knew the benefits of branding and had a logo that stood beside the best of the multinational companies. When Gene came up with the logo he pictured something that was dynamic, fun yet professional. The brand has now become a household name and the image is immediately recognizable. More and more customers and non-customers of The City Bin Co. associate the logo with excellent customer service. The City Bin Co. re-branded the brands as they made their sad final journey towards disposal! But where did the name The City Bin Co. come from………Stay tuned!

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