Monday, 23 April 2012


In 2007, The City Bin Co. became a proud partner of CD’s Helping Hands (recently re-branded as Hand in Hand), a Children’s Cancer Charity for the West. The charity was set up in 2006 and was inspired by the case of Caitlin Doherty, who was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of four.  A few months before this Gene Browne, CEO of The City Bin Co was watching TV and heard Hector Ó hEochagain speaking about the charity. Hector spoke with passion about this charity and how offered practical help to families struck by childhood cancer. They provide services such as meal preparation, cleaning, laundry and family support while children are undergoing treatment.

The idea of The City Bin Co. supporting Hand in Hand as their charity of choice appealed to Gene. The company wanted to give one organisation their full support and expertise as this could have a more meaningful impact.  Also The City Bin Co were enthused by this idea and wanted to help with management skills, fund-raising and brand recognition. After one or two meetings Hand in Hand had a new long term partner, The City Bin Co.

The City Bin Co. has promoted the Hand in Hand brand on the side of vehicles. These waste collection trucks visit over 15,000 houses in the west of Ireland and pass through Galway City bringing awareness of the charity. Niamh Bray, Operations Manager at The City Bin Co. sits on the charity’s Board of Directors. In 2010, two staff members from The City Bin Co. wrote and released a song to raise money and create awareness for the charity. All proceeds went to the Hand in Hand and the song “That’s What You Do” reached the Top 20 in the Irish music charts.

You can visit the Hand in Hand’s webpage here:

Monday, 16 April 2012


"His overalls are so spanky clean, he might be wearing a tux….007 wheels the bin over to the truck". Yes, there is something about a man in uniform. Reliability, Strength, Safety,  Respect.  That is certainly the case when it comes to The City Bin Co’s uniform. The red uniform is very visible and easily identifiable to the general public.

Gene Browne, CEO of The City Bin Co. first introduced the idea after observing UPS drivers and their iconic brown uniform. When The City Bin Co. launched their uniform in 1998 a local paper, The Sentinel, wrote about 'the new look of the smart and well presented staff of The City Bin Co.' This wasn't the norm in waste collection and The City Bin Co. staff were the exception to the rule. The readily identifiable uniform recast the perception of the tired, traditional bin man. The City Bin Co. uniform stood out from competitors and told the public that this person works for The City Bin Co. and is here to serve. The uniform consisted of red trousers, polo-shirt, jacket and a red peaked cap, with each piece sporting hi visibility strips.

The uniform had such an impact that Stay at home Mums started to blog about them saying that they felt that James bond had just collected their bins. RTE Radio One's Business Show subsequently picked up on the blog and had Gene Browne on in a 'tongue in cheek' piece to discuss the Moms' reaction. Read the text of the blog. 

Post subject: Re: The City Bin Co. Bin Collection- Anyone use these? Update

4LittleMen wrote:

With The City Bin Co. A lovely bright Red truck pulls up (it was so damn clean it made my MPV look like the bin truck). He gets out of the cab and walks up to get the bin. Get this. His overalls are so spanky clean, he might as well be wearing a tux (seriously the man is spotless). Anyway 007 then wheels the bin over to the truck (gently coaxing it along in case it's nervous), loads it on and bobs your uncle our rubbish is off to pastures new (literally). Marvellous service you say. Yas I say it was most marvellous but it didn't stop there. Did I mention that DH and I were both standing in the living room watching this all unfold? Did I mention that our window is full length? The eejits that we are we were like a couple of 5 year olds staring at this guy with our mouths open, when he turns on his heel and takes our bin by the hand and walks the bl**dy thing back up the drive! he even waved at us....well DH said he waved (and I bet DH waved back)  . I wouldn't know as I had hit the deck and tried to make my body look as tiny as possible beside the coach and bookshelves. I imagined that my grey T shirt would automatically "blend" with the brown leather and he wouldn't see me looking at him (sometimes I think I have chameleon qualities ).

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


In 2010, Gene Browne and his Innovation Team made an unusual business move. They announced to their staff that they were entering a completely different industry. They started planning for launching a home heating oil service to their existing waste and recycling customers in Galway City. The plan worked brilliantly. The idea came after their existing customers answered a survey question survey which asked ‘What other services would you like The City Bin Co to provide?’ Customers gave a lot of great suggestions. The suggestion that stood out above the rest was a Home Heating Oil Delivery Service”. With a little more research and investigation The City Bin Co. team realised that they already had the backend infrastructure to provide a home heating oil service to their existing customer base. Home heating oil could be delivered with the same philosophy of excellent customer service that underpinned the waste collection service. The marketing strategy that The City Bin Co. used was nontraditional. They sent a personalised postcard to each and every one of their existing customers and they in turn responded with enthusiasm about the new venture.

When The City Bin Co. launched the new service in October 2010 their customers were so impressed with the offering that the sales anticipated for the first six months was exceeded in the first month. The City Bin Co. could make this pioneering move because they see themselves as being in the service industry and not in the waste industry.

The differentiating factor about The City Bin Co’s home heating oil division is that the customer can order on line, choose the day and doesn't have to be home when the delivery happens. As part of the service, the customer automatically receives an SMS when their oil has been delivered. The Company also bundle the oil with existing waste services and have special discounts for their existing waste and recycling customers.

Monday, 2 April 2012


In 1997, when The City Bin Co. opened for business it had one truck, two customers, four bins and a really eye catching logo. At that time, it was hard to imagine why a waste collection provider needed branding. This type of business just collected garbage. Waste collectors didn't have to advertise, they didn’t have retail stores and their trucks were big, ugly and smelly. Nobody needed to know who these firms were as they were passing by. People just wanted them to collect their waste and move on. Gene Browne, CEO of The City Bin Co. had a different idea. He had a well thought out plan to change the public perception and also the way that companies within the sector were doing their job. He set out to shake up the image of the waste and recycling  industry and achieved this in a very short time. How? Through innovation, creative branding and an understanding that the public could and should receive a higher level of service with their rubbish collection. The best way to lead is by example. 

The Logo was one of the first important steps in Gene Browne’s plan to reinvent the industries way of engaging with the customer. The City Bin Co.’s logo is instantly identifiable; a red bin with white wings and a black outline. The logo is an animated image of a flying bin with the name of the company in a red font to the left. It is simple and easy to spot. The logo, through its simplicity, has a subtle meaning of a company that is always moving forward.  When The City Bin Co. started in 1997 when  it was unheard of to have a waste collector who was image conscious. Gene Browne knew the benefits of branding and had a logo that stood beside the best of the multinational companies. When Gene came up with the logo he pictured something that was dynamic, fun yet professional. The brand has now become a household name and the image is immediately recognizable. More and more customers and non-customers of The City Bin Co. associate the logo with excellent customer service. The City Bin Co. re-branded the brands as they made their sad final journey towards disposal! But where did the name The City Bin Co. come from………Stay tuned!